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At The Bike Hub we're heavily rooted in the cycling community. Having started racing and working in shops in the mid 1990s, to running and owning stores in the 2000s, we support the community through advocacy, trail development, junior athlete development, and nurturing relationships with new cyclists to foster and promote a passion for cycling. We have several different video series that encompass what trails we're riding, what's going in with the cycling community, plus bike tech tips, product reviews, and health and wellness tips to improve your strength and focus both on and off the bike.

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Featuring Trails of Spokane w/ Justin Covey

Just Riding Along...

We love riding bikes.

A lot of our connection to our bikes is driven by the trails we get to ride them on. In our "Just Riding Along" series we will show you all of our trails in Spokane, WA and the surrounding area as well and introduce you to our Bike Hub staff along the way.  


Just Riding Along

Because Bikes

The Bike Hub Podcast

Because Bikes

The Because Bikes podcast series covers everything going on with cycling in the Inland Northwest. Start at episode 1 to catch a history of The Bike Hub!


Tech Tips, Products, and Services discussion

Tech Talk

We love riding bikes, and we also love teaching about them! Tech Talk is the home for all upcoming and previous content relating to any bike tech tips and discussion, products, and some services we have available at The Bike Hub.


Strength, Mobility, Nutrition, and Wellness

Better You

During our Better You series we will bring in top strength, mobility, nutrition, and wellness coaches to give us some quality tips and tricks to help increase your speed, strength and focus both on and off the bike.